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" ♪ (laughter) ♪ the "the colbert report" (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to the "report"! thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen! folks -- (audience chanting "stephen") (cheers and applause) folks, with an army like you behind me, i think we can storm the moranin. folks, it is night two of how about week or as they say in the black tong of mordor, tuesday. (laughter) i'm just enjoying some of the pipe weed that sir ian mckellan left in his dressing room. (laughter) pretty good. not as good as the stuff that willie nelson leaves behind. (laughter) still, wizardy weed is good for one thing. check this out. not bad, eh. save that for later. last night, gandalf the gray asked me to join him on the adventure and tonight it is the lead character of bilbo gag agains. martin freeman. how exciting, his father morgan must be so proud. (laughter) more on martin later but now, folks, i always go from the gut because my gut is the largest single organ in my body next to my balls. (laughter) sorry, prostate, maybe next exam. (laughter) but now scientists say that the older you get the les
and when he was released he wanted to come on this show and explain himself. that's next. >>> stephen baldwin was arrested this week in new york. the district attorney says he owes more than $350,000 for not paying his state taxes for three years. he pleaded not guilty. baldwin said he paid $100,000 already to new york state. earlier he told me he knew all this was coming. >> i've been in a conversation about this very thing for several months now. and, again, i'm not trying to be funny when i say this. i'm grateful these guys are givi me a chance to work it out. it's a tough situation because it wasn't me specifically, as you know, don, you have people do your taxes for you, et cetera, et cetera. it wasn't handled appropriately. i am ultimately responsible but i am in a conversation and we are communicating with them and what i'm told is that we're going to be able to work it out. i'm hoping that's the end result. >> but for you, explain to the audience what happened. >> well -- i don't want to cry in my coffee here, but the long story short is when i moved out of doing my normal car
: stephen greenspan is a university of colorado professor who writes and lectures on gullibility, warning audiences that not reading the fine print or buying something on a tip from your brother-in-law are bad ideas and that older people are particularly vulnerable to a friendly pitch from a conman. in most of the great moments of gullibility in history, the perpetrator seems to target a particular group, correct? >> yes. there have been mormon ponzi schemes targeting mormons or fundamentalist christians. madoff mostly was aimed at jews 'cause he was a prominent jewish philanthropist. so, yes, there is this affiliation aspect of it because we tend to trust our own kind. >> here in 1919 as charles ponzi self-styled financial wizard loafing at his boston mansion with his lovely wife and proud and adoring mother. >> safer: mr. ponzi himself promised fellow italian immigrants he could make them rich trading in postal reply coupons, sort of the pre-paid phone cards of the day. ponzi went to prison and died a pauper. >> i went out looking for trouble. i found it. >> safer: but his name lives on
,000. nor another 330,000, another $320,000. and finally stewart stephens who was the chief strategist for the campaign has a little company that was paid -- okay? for the tellevision advertising, $173 million. now, that goes off into t.v. advertising, but the point is stewart stephens in addition to his salary gets 15% of that. >> whoa. >> for being the conduit for the ad. so, you know, >> peter: in addition to his salary? >> bill: right. so the whole picture to me sayssays a couple of things. first of all, about military romney ain't the good businessman that we thought he was. right? he was certainly not on the top of the way they were spending money. the other thing it says about these campaign consult ants i think it is important for us to recognize recognize. they are in it for the money. they are not in it out of loyalty to the candidate. they are not in it because they believe in the cause. they are in it for the money. it's not first case. i have known other people like this who run losing campaigns and make so much money they never have t
, stephen finan. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> [inaudible conversations] >> once again we are live on c-span2 at the immigrationworks u.s.a. at the woodrow wilson center for a forum hosted by immigrationworks u.s.a., look at the impact of the latino vote on the 2012 presidential race. we do expect it to get started in just a moment here. also starting live on the companion network c-span3, the pew center is hosting a daylong caucus on the voter experience of 2012. featuring representatives from google, facebook, microsoft and twitter. republican and democratic secretaries of state are also part of that discussion. that has just gotten underway life on our companion network c-span3. also coming up today the center for american progress is hosting a conference. this white house national economic council gene sperling and others are taking part on how education and innovation can benefit the u.s. economy. that's exp
on tv. it's just incredible. >> let's talk about your brother stephen. he's in the news for apparently facing jail, being arrested over some tax dodging thing. what can you say about that? >> i think two things. one is that i don't think he's going to go to jail. i know he's? a negotiated settlement and thing onzline which were, you know, that's what media today does. they try to tilt the way they need it to be to sell copies of what have you and sell online hits to their sites. we're talking about him being arrested and taken into custody -- this was all prearranged with the da for him to go in and they can make an appearance. they've got to shake him down. and they have to make him walk that gauntlet. that is the procedure even though steps have been made to begin the process of remediating that money and down payments have been made. but one of the things i find interesting in my lifetime and i'm sure you will recognize this in yours with people you've known is that when you have far less money than you need and you have far more money than you need, they're both equal in terms of h
. they understood margaret thatcher's rules for stephen the argument then you win the vote. george washington denied that they were marching to climb on the votes in the snow storm had his officers greeted the opening pages of thomas kane's latest pamphlet which washington had asked him to write. he was the great pamphleteer with common sense and describe the declaration of independence and now it was turning out to be really hard. in july of 1776 had turned into a bitter and painful depressing and demoralizing series of defeats. when washington had the crisis which begins these are the times as washington said the first to win the argument then you in the war. people had to believe. i just came here tonight to say to you we have no reason to despair, no reason to back off, no reason to surrender but you have every reason to behave as americans. i look forward to questions. [applause] [applause] so, the speaker has been kind enough to give us a few minutes for questions and answers and all i ask is if you have one you raise your hand. there are people in the aisles with microphones if you can wait u
. at number 6, comedy central talk show host stephen colbert with his book, "america again." william manchester and paul reid present their portrait of winston churchill in "the last lion." this is seventh. neil young is eighth with his memoir, "waging heavy peace," followed by andrew solomon's book, "far from the tree," about parents with exceptional children. then at tenth, bill o'reilly and martin dugard again with "killing lincoln." you can find more on these bestsellers by going to indiebound.org and clicking on indie bestsellers. >> pulitzer prize-winning author william kennedy explores the political and cultural structure of albany in, o albany. booktv spoke with mr. kennedy during our recent visit to albany with the help of our partner, time warner cable. >> albany had a bad rap for a very long time because of the politics, for one thing, but also even way back, way back in the building of the capitol in the 1890s. stanford white, the great architect, was working on the capitol and h.h. richardson, a lot of other major architects. this would prove to be the most expensive bui
. with millions of americans unemployed this simply makes no sense. stephen moore, senior writer for "the wall street journal." how are you doing, steve? good morning. >> hi, bill. bill: they're saying 43,000 jobs because of this. what, a latex glove gets taxed? i thought it was just like on mri machines and big items like that? >> actually, no. thank you for doing this segment because a lot of americans don't realize when the president calls for all the new taxes in the fiscal cliff negotiation, mr. president we already have a big tax increase that will hit on january 2nd. that of course is the obamacare taxes. you mentioned one of them, the tax on medical devices and medical equipment, bill, which i agree with, congressman price. that will reduce innovation and will reduce the kind of invention and new products we need to keep people healthier. in addition to that, bill, don't forget there is something called 3.8% investment tax surcharge in the obamacare bill that starts in january. one of the things that the president says is a little misleading i will only raise tax rates back where they
: you know whom i have another dream. senator stephen colbert. a lot of buzz about him replacing jim demint. i tweeted i wouldn't just block legislation, i would body check it. yes. he's encouraging the speculation about it. nikki will name him. he spoke in support of it on his show. i know when i look at the u.s. senate, you know what? they could use another white guy. ♪ let's hear it for the boy ♪ >> stephanie: how hilarious would that be? ♪ get's live the boy a -- let's give the boy a hand ♪ >> stephanie: speaking of no sense of humor those million moms, they're at it again. >> oh, god really? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: they have said they're moving on from their latest ellen degeneres protest. >> million moms, pretty much -- just one mom -- >> stephanie: i think it is a guy. >> there was a dude in there. just one mom. >> stephanie: it was concern women for america that has a male president. >> in her mom's basement. >> stephanie: the group to complain about ellen degenere
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)